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Residential remodel and construction in Palo Alro, Woodside, Portola Valley, Atherton and the whole San Francisco Bay Area, California

Residential Remodeling
Remodeling your house provides new looks, new aesthetics and character, new functionality and increases its value

We would say that remodeling a house, from small change to large redesign and remodeling, is a truly important decision that can drastically change not only the looks of a home but it can drastically change its character, experience living in it and its value.

Of course not all remodeling needs to be extensive, even just changing your main entrance door or adding beautiful classic wooden library shelfs will already have a big impact on aesthetics, functionality and the experience for you, family and guests.

Besides a vision for the remodeling and its design, choosing the right materials and remodeling with true craftsmanship and experience are needed for a sound result and lasting functionality. We have decades of experience in remodeling homes which allow us to build what is in your mind and delivering a remodeling work and result that will surpass your expectations.

Remodeling your home is a major opportunity to improve not only your house, town home or apartment, but to have a new experience while increasing the value of your property - we have the experience, talent, and vocation to help you live in your dream home!

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Doors Remodeling
We have special experience in replacing doors having a big impact in your house

Among usual home remodeling, doors have an immense impact in aesthetics, functionality and at the end, in the value of your home.

Often doors replacement is an overlooked aspect of remodeling your home, and it shouldn't be. From replacing existing doors for a more classical, elegant wooden look, to replacing doors for a highly functional modern and even sleek look, changing doors have a big impact.

From the main house entrance door to those that give access to different rooms such as the living room, library or media room, doors make a big different on the style of a residence. There is a large variety of doors to obtain the desired look and experience in different types of houses, and we have the experience to install them flawlessly, under budget, and on time. If needed, we also can advise you and help you select the right doors including selecting the type of doors, materials, knobs, locks to be sure that when the job is done you will have the new experience you envision.

As with all remodeling of a house or residence, it is important to see it not only as a change and improvement in looks and experience, but also as an investment that opays off as an increase in the value of your home!

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