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Residential landscaping maintenance for large house in Woodside, California

Residential Outdoors and Landscaping Remodeling
From landscaping, to decks, pathways and iron gates, home remodeling does extend to your garden and patio.

There is no doubt that remodeling a home includes the outdoors, such as decks, pathways, gates and fences. From redwood fences, to wooden decks, to stone pathways and patio structures. We have the experience in replacing, improving or building from scratch all your patio and garden remodeling. Modern automatic driveway gates are another usual remodeling or addition we have extensive experience in.

A first example of a simple outdoors remodeling are gates, from classic wooden gates dramatic iron gates, they not only improve your home, they make a statement.

Wooden decks, pergolas, BBQ stations, patio covers from simple to sun-rooms are incredible additions in functionality! They truly make you and your guests have a completely new experience in enjoying your house's garden and patio,

As with all remodeling, our decades of experience in wood, iron and stones craftsmanship allow us to complete your outdoors remodeling beyond your expectations - from small to large, we are proud of every project we have done!

Landscaping & Outdoors

Residential Construction
Sometimes remodeling means constructing wooden or concrete structures from scratch - we have the experience!

Besides aesthetics, often remodeling a house means new construction from scratch, such as a new driveway where there was only dirt. We have the experience to make concrete, stones, ceramic, wood and any construction or structure you may need.

When construction from scratch is involved, a variety of construction experiences are needed and that's what we offer. From small to large, we can consytruct additions to your home or patios flawlessly.

Our experience also includes knowing what parts, materials and components to choose and get in short time so the repair will not only be well done, but it will last.

House Construction Services