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residential swimming pool patio repair and maintenance
Home roof repair for water leaking.
Home repair in palo alto, fixed damaged floor.
Home pool repair in woodside, california.
Home repair in Palo Alto including electrical checking and repair, as well as all doors.
Door repair in home in palo alto, california.

Residential Repair & Maintenance
If somethings breaks at your home we fix it 24/7
Door repairs and installations, lock outs and lock intallation, plumbing repairs, water leaks and damage, roof repairs, termite damage repair, building maintenance, electrical repair, door replacement, emergency services, handyman services...We do it all!

Many things can break at a home, our job is to fix it as soon as possible 24/7. If it is an emergency your house problem becomes our priority. If it can wait, we will advise you for what would be the best solutions available and we will fix it, often as an opportunity to make it better than before.

With more than two decades of experience in home repair we could say that we have seen it all, and we have fixed it all. From malfunctioning doors, to heaters and air conditioners, to doors or windows damaged in a break in, or replacing a lock, we have done it.

We know that home repairs can be stressful for the home owner and their families, so we put special attention in solving your problem not only right away, but with an attitude that will help calm you down and be sure that everything will be OK again.

Our experience on remodeling and construction also prepare us to take advantage of repairs to improve your home. Often something that breaks can be turned into a remodeling project which could prevent future repairs. We have the knowledge, experience and vision to advise you when it could be the case. If we can help you avoid having more repairs, we will do it.

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